A downloadable game for Windows

Defend San Francisco from Giant Lang Bot!

WASD to move, click to shoot. Don't run into Lang, and don't let too many missiles hit San Francisco! Watch out, his arms have minds of their own.

This was a fun project for Giant Rom 4. It was also my first time using GameMaker 2. The "sprites" are a mix of photoshop and hand-drawn stuff. The player sprite is from opengameart, and all of the music is from YouTube's royalty free audio library. The sound effects were made using SFXR.

I would have liked to include a part where you chase Lang's severed robot head into space to finish the job, but alas, we can't always get what we want.

Hope you enjoy it!

Install instructions

Unzip and open the EXE.


LangAttack.zip 379 MB

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